Saturday, April 9, 2011

Pancakes, Cheetahs and Eggs, Oh My!

I knew that title would catch your attention and I bet you didn't know those are a few of my favorite things. In fact, if I could wrap them up in brown paper packaging and tie them up with string, I totally would. But you try and wrap a cheetah and let me know how it goes.

Anyways, there is a method to my madness and it is such.... I have had two amazing pancakes since I've last posted, I have visited the Academy of Sciences and also have made lovely baked eggs for breakfast.

Let's start with the pancakes. So my parents came to visit my husband and I a couple weekends back, besides being a total blast it was also a great opportunity to try out Mission Beach Cafe for brunch, a spot that usually deters me by the size of its wait list, however when you are making a day of it with your parents the wait seems totally worth it.

Good news, this time was there was no line! On a Saturday, at like 10AM! The better news was how amazing the pancakes were. So light, yet substantial with delicious bourbon syrup and vanilla creme on top. Mmmmm, to die for! I highly recommend getting them. There are pancakes and then there are PANCAKES, these were PANCAKES. You know what I mean ;)

On to cheetahs. I love them. They are fast, strategic, vicious and beautiful (kind of like someone I know:)and no animal can beat them in an awesome contest. However, the one I saw at the Academy of Sciences was not fast because it was dead and stuffed. Still beautiful though, as was the rest of the Academy. My family and I had a great time messing around there for an hour or so and even got to eat Space Ice Cream! I had been craving that stuff ever since I had it in Washington D.C. in one of the museums on my fifth grade field trip. It was glorious. 

Back to pancakes again. You thought eggs would be next didn't you. Well maybe you should work on being less presumptuous. 

Like I said, back to pancakes. So I made some really amazing oatmeal currant orange pancakes the other weekend. You should try them. Basically you just add some orange zest, cinnamon and currants to your favorite oatmeal pancake recipe, and whallah! instant yumminess.

Now for some protein. Like I mentioned earlier, I love eggs. 

Especially runny yolk eggs. In fact, to loosely quote Portlandia, this is my motto for eating, "Put-an-*egg-on-it!" This egg in particuar is a good egg, unlike Veruca Salt, and fairly simple to make. In fact, the recipe is right here. The only things I changed were to sprinkle some thyme on top and reduce the cooking time to 18 or so minutes to maintain a runny yolk.

So there you go. A method to my madness but still a random post nonetheless. If you remember anything from it, remember this... do not try to wrap a cheetah.

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