Sunday, April 3, 2011

Trying Tartine

As some of you may already know, Tartine is the reason I've left my heart in San Francisco. The beauty of their art is so glorious I am not even going to begin describing it because I could not do it justice.

However, this weekend I realized I was doing Tartine an injustice in a different way. Every time I go I tend to get a rotation of the same things I love, not giving any of the other tasty tarts, cakes, cookies and viennnoiserie a chance. How ignorant of me! Especially since one of the things I have never tried is my self-proclaimed favorite food in the whole world, a chocolate chip cookie.

So as of yesterday marks my journey of ordering everything Tartine has to offer, starting with their chocolate chip cookie. Yes it will take a while but I've grown bored of 7x7's Big Eat 2011, and this offers a more alluring challenge for me.

So back to the cookie! Normally, I am a ooey gooey soft chocolate chip cookie fan, which is probably why I have never the cookie at Tartine, because their's is super thin and super crispy. But it was crispy in such a good way... not only way the cookie crunchy and tasty but the big chunks of bittersweet chocolate were also crunch central. But boy, it was magic. The flavor was so full since they bake the cookies longer to get achieve not only  crunchiness but also that great taste butter and flour create when they get just deeply toasted before getting burnt. Also, the addition of a little bit of oats rounded it out so nicely.

I highly recommend picking one up for yourself if you are in SF, "it is so choice." But there I go limiting Tartine again, pick up whatever you want! but don't ignore this beautiful cookie.

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  1. OK, I want one of those! My favorite style of cookie. YUM