Monday, April 25, 2011

I Don't Like Corn, But I Love Caramel Corn!

I have a confession that makes me slightly less American: I hate corn. I mean yuck! It is just gross. However, when corn is popped into cute little fluffy balls and coated with burnt sugary syrup (aka carmel) it suddenly becomes one of my favorite foods. 

Recently I was rewarded with scrumptious homemade caramel corn for memorizing some bible verses I have been meaning to get down. Though the reward system harkens back to my pre-K days when I got a whole dollar and a day in the PVC pipe throne for memorizing Psalm 100, it really worked for me as did the caramel corn.Perfectly crunchy, the right level of burnt sugar taste with the timely addition of chopped pecans at the end. Just magic.

And where did the recipe come from, Orangette. Go make some! and then give it to me! I promise to memorize whatever you want :)

PS: Thanks Christine!

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