Saturday, February 12, 2011

Brown Sugar Fennel

Josh and I went on our weekly Humphry Slocombe date and were pleasantly surprised by this new flavor...Brown Sugar Fennel. It has the warmth and full sweetness of brown sugar with a slightly bitter off-setting element of fennel that works so well. Be on the look out! Also, since it is Beer Week here in SF, they have 4 flavors on tap that include some very good beers! And no, I don't mean Bud Light. 


  1. Just went there today! The brown sugar fennel had a little too much fennel for my liking. But the Candy Cap (mushroom) was quite intriguing.

  2. Yep, def. a very distinct flavor :) But so is Candy Cap! That's what I love about Humphry something interesting for everyone :)