Saturday, February 12, 2011

Chinese Cocktail Buns

*not my photo b/c they came upon me unexpectedly 

Have you ever had a chinese cocktail bun? Well I have! In fact, I had my first one Super Bowl Sunday thanks to my friend Eva who opened up a whole new world to me of coconutty, buttery goodness. That's right, the name may suggest they are to be served alongside beef broccoli as bland regular dinner bun, but the name is deceiving and so is their appearance! Inside these humble little buns is a rich paste of butter and shredded coconut. That might not sound amazing, but it is! and so addicting! Trust me, I don't even like coconut and I find myself dreaming about these. So if you pass a chinese bakery or dim sum restaurant, go see if they sell cocktail buns.... and then buy 5!

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