Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Ready For Dessert? I Am!

For Christmas, my thoughful husband got me Ready For Dessert, by David Lebovitz. Who, by the way, has a great blog about his life as an American foodie in Paris.

In my opinion, the true test of a dessert cookbook is how great the basic recipes are. For example, the chocolate chip cookie recipe, which is just what I tried first.

The recipe called for huge chunks of hand cut bittersweet chocolate and walnuts, which is what first tipped me off that this was going to be a sophisticato cookie. Not to mention, I had to form the dough into two logs, refrigerate them over nights and slice instead of scoop the cookie dough onto the cookie sheet. So fancy! These cookies had so much swag.

The end result was delicious and refined. I loved the huge chunks of chocolate and the walnuts added great texture. I wouldn't say it was my favorite chocolate chip cookie, I love the cheapest ones you can get, but it was still a pretty impressive cookie.

I can't wait to try some other recipes!

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