Saturday, January 8, 2011

A Christmas Cookie Retrospective

Every Christmas I make a ton of Christmas cookies with my lovely mother. It is a special time, one I look forward to all year. A chance to indulge in leftover cookie dough and royal icing, and a chance to let me cookie creativity soar.

First we line and do the detailing of cookies with a thicker frosting...

After that dries, we float the cookies with a thinned down version of the same frosting using a paintbrush...

Then I get a little loopy because we have spent so much time decorating cookies and I start getting crazy with my cookie designs. Like my Black Swan nod below...

Another Christmas cookie tradition of ours is making Pizzelles. They are an Italian cookies made in a waffle-maker-looking device, that are traditionally flavored with anise. This year my mom was out of town on the day we usually make them, so me and my grammy filled in. 

These are the anise flavored ones, below is the chocolate.

They are sooo addicting! Beware! 

I created a little snack bowl for the excess pieces that bake off the sides of the Pizzelles. This is a key bowl if you are making Pizzelles because Pizzelle Makers get hungry.

At the end of it all, we take the sugar cookies, Pizzelles, and many other cookies and put together cookie plates to give away to close friends.

But really at the end of it all, I have spent some great time with my Mom and Grandma.

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