Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Sweet Creamy Love

On our first full day in San Francisco Josh and I decided we had to visit one of our favorite places in the city Humphrey Slocombe, located at 24th and Harrison.

If you have been with me from the beginning, you might recall that my very first post was about how amazing Humphrey Slocombe ice cream is. I even went as far as asserting that it was the best ice cream in the city, beating it's intra-city rival Bi-Rite. I am here to tell you friends that I still stand by that assertion and I dare any one to prove me wrong....

Upon moving back to LA all my friends were talking about this place called Scoops. They were saying it was the best ice cream ever, that I had to go and some even had the gumption to say it was probably better than Humphry! "How dare they!" I thought to myself. But I couldn't make any judgements without trying the place, or else it would just be an uniformed opinion (cough). So I did, and here is what I discovered... not only is Humphry way better than Scoops but so is Bi-Rite, heck even Baskin-Robbins! Scoops ice cream is not very creamy and lacks flavor. It is almost as if the ice cream is composed of two parts trying hard to mold into one happy couple creamy and consistent, but because of their differences remained two seperate and bitter people with little congruence.

But enough about Scoops, this post is about good ice cream, and my husband and I's love affair with Humphrey Slocombe. Their ice cream is oh-so creamy, the flavors are amazing and Emily (our favorite ice cream scooper) is a sweetie! Instead of giving a full fledged review of the place, since I already have here, I thought I would write Humphry Slocombe a love poem in honor of Valentines day coming up.

Sweet Cream Love

Rain or Shine, night or day
Your flavors run through my head
Ancho Chocolate and 8 Ball Stout
Are 100 times better than Scoops Brown Bread

Sometimes you perplex me with tastes so absurd
Like Foie Gras, Oolong or PB Curry
But I can't complain based just on their names
Becuase those flavors sell out in a hurry

Just give me a scoop of Fudgesicle Sorbet
With marshmallow fluff on top
You'll make my day, grey skies melt away
No need to mess with other ice cream shops

Creamier than rest, best of the best
No one can compare to you
How I miss our Friday dates with my soul mate
Until I move back I'll be blue

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