Sunday, May 31, 2009

Hipster Ice Cream Showdown

So for those of you who live in SF, you that if you are even the slightest bit hip you must live, work, play, and yes even eat ice cream (for you skinny hipsters) in the Mission District. However, there seems to be a little confusion as to what the best ice cream is this side of Dolores Park: Bi-Rite Creamery or Humphrey Slocombe.

I can not tell a lie, when I first moved to SF I was captivated by the small locally owned ice cream shop we all know as Bi-Rite Creamery. The first time I walked in flavors like Honey Lavender and  Malted Vanilla with Peanut Brittle dazzled my mind and taste buds. I thought I had found my oasis. A place to escape the chaos of zooming fixies and the pot smoke emissions of Dolores Park with the simple sweetness of ice cream, but boy was I wrong!

I had gone on a weekday afternoon. If you go anytime after a normal person with a job would get off work on the weekdays or anytime during the weekend, it will take you about 30 minutes just to get through the line! But regardless of the hassle, I had no need to fret the loss of my new found oasis because I had discovered something better than an oasis, Humphrey Slocombe was a real life paradise. 

Humphrey's (as us regulars call it)is an ice cream shop that has it all: short wait, extra smooth and creamy texture, locally owned, friendly staff, and best of all better flavor than Bi-Rite. Their signature ice cream Secret Breakfast (which contains bourbon and cornflakes) is simply delightful and a perfect combination of flavors. In addition, their Balsamic Carmel, Miso Pear, and Blue Bottle Coffee ice creams are pee your pants good. My personal favorite however is the Valrhona Fudgesicle with their rice based marshmallow fluff on top. Sometimes the thought of having that combo is the only thing that gets me through till friday, which is when I let myself indulge in a scoop of perfection. And the crazy thing is, it's not even ice cream! It's a sorbet! But you would never know if you weren't told because it is so decadently rich and chocolaty.

Don't get me wrong Bi-Rite is great. But if you want to skip the line and have better ice cream served by nicer people, than go to Humphrey. Or maybe you shouldn't, I don't want the line getting too long!


  1. My dear girl, you have found your nitch. Keep doing this, there is a place for you in food editorials some day!

  2. Okay, I am such a fan of B-R that I'm close to getting "I Heart Bi-Rite" tatto-... actually, no, I hate needles. But I'm a fan.

    So, I'm taking it from you, and will issue a full report after I take my sweetie (shhh, don't tell him!) to Humphrey's- sounds great!

  3. Maybe I need to try Humphrey's again (seeing as its's like 5 blocks from our place!)... but as of now, I'm still a BiRite girl.

  4. I respect that, especially since you have tried it :)