Monday, January 18, 2010

Brilliant Mediocracy

I'm back in action! That's right I fought my way out of the fog, I'm alive and well and ready to report on all my amazing adventures! In reality, I spent the whole last week in San Francisco and probably spent more time eating my way through the fog than I did fighting my out of it. But in all fairness that's kinda what you have to do while your visiting San Francisco... 1. You don't live there so you can't really cook at home 2. There food is amazing! 3. There amazing food is cheap!

This might be a surprise to those who live in the LA area, as good food tends to be a little pricer and cheap food tends to be rather disgusting. But take it from me, Sweet Lady Sass, and sit back and enjoy a week of blogs on just how Sweet SF is.

Here's a cool shot of a park in Hayes Valley

Every good beginning should not begin at the beginning, as someone wise once said (myself), it should begin with context for the beginning, so I will fill you in on why my husband and I were in the city for a week.

Speaking of my husband, here he is!

Josh and I lived in SF most of last year. Both working in, learning about, loving, eating and trying to survive the city. Although we are in LA now, our plan is to move back up to the city within the next year to continue working in, learning about, loving, eating and trying to survive the city. This week was in preparation for that. It was a work trip I guess you could say, but it also served as a sweet reminder (both literally and figuratively) of why "The City" is the city we have been called to.

Now for the beginning. The trip started out with some brilliant mediocracy. I know I don't usually report on things that don't blow my socks off, but I feel it is important to because sometimes you are looking for a decent snack that is easy to find and never lets you down. As I say these things, my guess is that many readers may be thinking well that's what starbucks is to me, I can get my carmel latte and reduced-fat coffee cake and be a mildly happy camper. However, I am here to tell you that there is a better "go to" option in the city called La Boulange....

The one we went to in Hayes Valley was under construction, apparently it didn't know the Sasstriss was coming today

La Boulange is a chain of French style bakeries/cafes within SF. With 9 locations in the city, you are sure to find one within walking distance of wherever you are. They have everything from fresh baguettes to croissants to french macarons, and everything is pretty darn good! Not to mention you are sure to find something you like no matter who you are.

This time around I tried a Chocolate Fondant Cookie, and was really impressed. Although the only thing cookie about it was its small circular shape, it really tasted like and had the consistency of a chocolate flourless cake, very dense, moist, rich and delicious! I would definitely say that this is one of there best offerings along with their prosciutto fig sandwich.

See nothing like a cookie

I have tried many other things at La Boulange as well, most are good some are bad (like the french onion soup) but it is always a better alternative than Starbucks when you are looking for a place to meet your friend or a nice snack while you sit and read, because, lets face it, everybody needs a little brilliant French mediocracy in their lives, sorta like their army.

More to come on SF soon, so stay tuned!

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  1. Your trip to Babycakes put you in the fog...stick with the good stuff...sugar, white flour etc :-)