Saturday, June 20, 2009

Happy Cookie Dance

You may be wondering what the happy cookie dance is, and rightfully so if you don't know me that well. It is the dance I do when I am overwhelmed with the taste of a perfectly soft chocolate chip cookie. Now don't get me wrong, there is a time and place for crunchy cookies, namely in Europe with a doppio espresso, but in Fort Collins, Colorado Mary's Mountain Cookies has perfected the all-american soft cookie.

Mary's Mountain Cookies has about 20 different types of large mouthwatering cookies including most of the classics. Their best selling cookie is their frosted sugar cookie that would give any Christmas cutout a run for it's money. However, my favorite treats at Mary's are their frosting cookie sandwiches. That's right, two melt-in-your-mouth cookies hugging a creamy middle that tastes like a mix between buttercream and canned frosting (does it get better than that??) I had the chocolate chip cookie/chocolate frosting combo and was rendered speechless. They also have other flavor combos for the frosting cookies sandwiches and, for you ice cream freaks, also offer your choice of ice cream between any of the cookies as well.

But wait! This is the most important part yet! If you look to the left of the main cookie case you will squeal like a tween girl at a slumber party. They have cups filled with different cookie doughs sans the egg and salmonella . Some even are paired with brownie batter, snickers, and other tasty treats.

I admit that this shop does not boast culinary excellence, but I would argue simple cookie indulgence is often the best way to induce a happy dance :)

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  1. i want cookie dough!! that would be delicious! how goes training?