Sunday, August 9, 2009

Cheap and Chic Cupcake Decorations

So this blog is not so much about how the cupcakes I made for my friends bridal shower tasted (which I thought were pretty dang good, carrot cake and brown sugar buttercream are a pretty lethal combo) but about the easy and sophisticated decorations I made to adorn them.

I started with a theme, vintage wedding, and google image searched for 1950's and 60's bridal magazine covers, found a few I liked, shrunk them down to a small identical sizes, printed them on firm and glossy photo paper, cut them out, taped them to toothpicks and stuck them on top of my delightful cupcakes. To finish them off I rolled the edge in gold sprinkles and wha-la! A cheap and chic cupcake with minimal effort. And the idea is totally transferable to other occasions, themes, and events. Oh... but make sure the sweet stuff underneath isn't nasty because no amount of decoration can cover that up.


  1. So cute! (and glad you updated.)

  2. It looks gorgeous and really enticing! Anyone who sees it will be tempted for a bite. That is the wonder of decorating a cupcake. It is great for all occasions.