Sunday, June 7, 2009

Frikin' Fritters!

Donuts... Everybody loves them, but few eat them, and for a good reason. We all know where those empty calories go! As a good friend once said, eat a donut in your mouth gain a donut around your middle. However, every once in a while it feels oh so good to be bad and embrace your inner Homer Simpson. For me, today was that day.

Happy Donuts on Noe and 24th St. has been taunting me ever since I passed by it months ago and today fate brought me to it's doorstep. It is not much to behold from the outside; lets face it... a bird poop stained canvas awning doesn't quite entice the taste buds. In fact, it is not much to behold from the inside either; again bugs trying to escape the donut case like it was alcatraz doesn't scream delicious. Yet, I found the dingy atmosphere to be quite appropriate. In fact, it even enhanced my sense of rebellion against the norm of healthy eating. 

Regardless of the appearance, once you bite into an extra large apple fritter all cares go out the window. The the amber colored glaze makes the outside of the fritter so crispy, crunchy and sweet, which pairs quite nicely with the pastry's soft and airy inside. And then something wonderful happens! You discover a buried treasure of apple pie filling towards the center that makes you go... yumm.wav

If you are ever in Noe Valley, I would recommend stopping by. But make sure you only do so once a year  :)


  1. I am honored to have ben with you upon the discovery of this tasty temptation.

  2. Me too! What a great last adventure!