Thursday, September 29, 2011

Anything But Common

This Tuesday Josh and I went to Commonwealth for our anniversary dinner. Needless to say, I saw it as our anniversary dessert with a coincidental dinner. You'll understand why after I explain the dessert.

But first I will say the dinner was an absolute delight, especially since our usual date night consists of tripe tacos and a quesadilla (hey, I'm not complaining). It's just that I'd take sea urchin with ginger, kimchee mousse, tapioca and cauliflower on top of wild greens and seaweed brioche over El Farolito any day.

Ok, but you guys.... the dessert. I'll give you the name, but then I'll break down each wonderful component separately. We ordered the peanut butter semifreddo with chocolate ganache, frozen popcorn and caramel. Yum!!! Right??

Ok so the main semifreddo bar tasted like a million dollar kit-kat. The base was like the crunch part of a kit-kat, but chocolate flavored and way better than what you get for 99 cents. On top of it was this semi-frozen fluffy yet rich peanut-butter mousse. Fantabulous! But wait, it was all covered in a high quality chocolate shell.

I'm not even done yet! It was all sitting on top of a toasty flavored carmel sauce and scattered around the plate was frozen popcorn. Yeah, I said frozen popcorn. I am still not quite sure what it is exactly, but I can tell you it is not popcorn. It was like these nitrous frozen clouds with the subtle flavor of buttered popcorn that added such a wonderful dimension to the semifreddo and caramel. With all three elements in my mouth I wanted to cry.

Another thing that marks it as a great dessert is that after Josh and I finished it, we felt like we had indulged in something so decadent but didn't feel sick, like after you eat a mile-high cake at Outback. And what a good feeling that is. Happy Anniversary to me!

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