Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I Made A Purrrdy Easter Cake.

So, even though this was my first Easter away from my family and I missed them dearly, my Easter this year was quite phenomenal.

First, I went to a fabulous church service filled with so much joyful worship for our risen Lord and a really powerfully true message. Here is a cool little video montage if you are interested....

Easter 2011 from Reality San Francisco on Vimeo.

and the full message is here.

Second, we had some beautiful people over from various friend circles and walks of life to our house for lunch on a warm sunny San Francisco Day; it was kind of awesome. 

Third, I made a yummy beautiful Lemon Blueberry Layer Cake. Isn't it purrrdy? Recipe here.

All in all a pretty great cake and a pretty great Easter huh? Oh! And I got my camera back from being repaired so after this post no more camera phone pics! Love you guys!


  1. That looks amazing, Alex! Where can I find the recipe? :)

  2. Hey heather, just click the hyperlinked word "here" in the post above