Saturday, March 26, 2011

Homemade Kick: PopTarts

Ok, so maybe I'm on a homemade kick, but after you try out these pop-tarts you won't blame me. They are light, buttery and fantastic. Plus I got to use up a lot of my homemade Nutella from last post.

I made three flavors in all: Nutella (of course), brown sugar and rhubarb jam. The brown sugar was my fave, which may have to do with my love of the original brown sugar PopTart, but the the others two were equally as tasty. Not to mention, it was pretty easy if you have the patience to cut out 18 little rectangles out of pie crust dough.

Take a look at the recipe here.

P.S. Excuse the photo, I am trying to get my camera fixed right now so I will be using my crappy camera phone  for a while.

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