Sunday, March 6, 2011

Carless=Fraiche Yogurt

So Josh and I have been stuck without a car in the city for about 5 days. It's funny how much you miss your car when you're without it for a couple days. Don't get me wrong, I love the bus, it just makes everything a little harder and it takes a lot longer, like... getting to work, getting home from work, hanging out with people, grocery shopping, and yes... even going on dates. With a car I could totally do these things on my time with ease and comfortability, with the bus I am forced to abide by someone else's schedule and stand cramped between strangers armpits while carry groceries hand in hand.

But I guess I am kinda glad for it, it forces me to be less self focused, which I believe everyone needs a little more of. However, there was one major buzz kill in my week no amount of selflessness could fix, Josh and I couldn't go on our weekly date to Humphry Slocombe Ice Cream. I had to forfeit my Fudgesicle Sorbet with Marshmallow Fluff on top and I wasn't happy.

Notice how it's empty, b/c I didn't have any this week :(

My wonderful husband, knowing this, decided to adapt or date to ease the pain. So we ended up taking the bus into Pac Heights, a much straighter shot than taking it to the Mission, to check out Fraiche Yogurt.

Fraiche is a "homemade, organic fresh yogurt and frozen yogurt cafe." Both the fresh and frozen yogurts are made from local Clover organic milk and all the topping are super fancy local tucked into bed at night type goodies. So San Francisco right!

Honestly, I wanted to hate this place for 3 reasons...

1. It wasn't Humphry
2. I try to shy away from places that pride themselves on being organic and all that crap. Not that I am against organic, it's just I don't care with dessert; I just want it to taste good.
3. I paid $6 for a junior yogurt with 3 toppings.

However, I would be lying if I said it wasn't truly refreshing and amazing. You really could taste the difference in the yogurt from a Golden Spoon or Yogurtland type yogurterie (just coined that word, boom). The quality was so silky smooth yet hardy; in fact, it tasted flat out wholesome. I got the chocolate and plain frozen yogurt and both were off the charts flavorful, as far as yogurt goes.

In addition, they house make there Mochi, and it is great! 

Of course, I got some on top of my yogurt along with some fresh raspberry preserves and some freshly shaved Callebaut chocolate, which is why mine was so pricey and why Josh didn't get any. But it was a phenomenal combo and dessert all-together.

Not to mention they have fresh yogurt available; yeah, like the stuff you buy at the store except way better. And they have amazing yogurt breakfast items that include steel cut oatmeal, homemade granola, maple syrup, etc. What a fun breakfast date with ,like, a girlfriend. Totally!

So all in all, would I recommend Fraiche Yogurt, yes. However, I would recommend it once every 2 months so you don't break the bank. And who knows, even when we get our car back I may stop by every now and again.

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