Saturday, January 22, 2011

My New Go To: Tal-y-Tara Tea and Polo Shop

So Josh and I just moved to San Francisco into a cute little studio in the Outer Richmond. I feel so blessed to live here. It's a short walk to Golden Gate Park and a short walk to beautiful Lands End Trail that leads you along the cliffs bordering the ocean with spectacular views of Golden Gate Bridge. Right? So blessed!

The only down side is the area is severely lacking in cute little coffee shops and cafes to read, get work done, etc. But today I found a little gem called Tal-y-Tara Tea and Polo Shop

If you don't already know, I am a tea drinker not a coffee addict. So this place is just perfect. It's walking distance from my house in a pretty un-busy part of the Richmond, which makes parking less of a headache. It so quaint, and eclectic without be uber-hip to the point where I feel uncool just walking in, plus they have a peaceful garden seating area out back. They have a great selection of tea, award winning scones, and if you want to go all out, little tea sandwiches and other english goodies.

Have I mentioned the price point and value gets an A+? Well it does! I got a huge pot of loose leaf tea, like large tea kettle size, for 5 dollars! And they come around and freshen up your hot water as often as you like! You could spend hours there. Compare this to Intelligentsia where you get maybe two little glass cups out of your miniature tea pot, and when I say little I mean like a 1/2 cup size. Their scones were a little pricer, probably wouldn't get one every time, but they were great! I had the almond one and it was made and served like a scone should be made and served; not too sweet alongside some devonshire cream and jam. 

Not to mention, they have coffee as well and you can get anything you want to go. And if you happen to be a polo player you can get your tea on and pick up a new pair of riding pants!

So, needless to say, this is my new go to. Can't wait to discover some more gems :)

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  1. You have to take me there when we come to visit! Missing you! Faye