Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Tastes of Tokyo

Well, what I mean by that is the Tastes of Little Toyko in LA. Although I wish I could wander the streets of Japan and take in all the fun candy and unfamiliar treats Tokyo has to offer, I unfortunately don't have the means or the time. But luckily, since I live in LA, I can hop on the 110 and get a small taste of Japan downtown; like I did just a few days ago. I am also fortunate enough to have a mother-in-law who is Japanese and knows all about the good Japanese sweets. Like this one...

Rice Candy. Simple name, simple taste. But sometimes simple flavors are just best; especially when the consistency is really interestingly chewy and tacky. 

This one might look familiar to you frozen yogurt addicts...

You got it, it's mochi! But 10 times better than Pinkberry's or Yogurtland's! That's because it is super soft and fresh and has not been sitting in a huge freezer locker for months. It comes from a bakery called Mikawaya, the final word in mochi. You might recognize the name because they sell there mochi ice cream in most grocery stores. However, their fresh mochi ice cream in store is supposed to be phenomenal, I am planning on getting some next time I'm downtown.

And I will conclude with the actual dessert of the night from Suehiro Cafe, plum wine ice cream. I already love plum wine, needless to say that I loved the ice cream form even more! It was spot on in flavor and had pieces of yummy dried fruit in it. Plus it's included with your combo meal. Does it it get any better? Yes actually, sharing it with family made it absolutely fabulous. Thanks Faye and John! We love you!

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