Friday, January 1, 2010

Days of Not So Auld Lang Syne

I looked Auld Lang Syne up in the dictionary and apparently it is a Scottish way of saying "long ago." Did you know that? I never did, yet I continued to sing it every New Years eve with as much gusto as if I knew what kind of "days" I was referring to.

But the point is this, I got married in 2009, and it seems so weird to me that I got married last year, and not this year. Yes, I know it's not that long ago, especially since my wedding was in September, but it was kinda a while ago right? However, the perks of it being "kinda a while ago" is that I finally got my wedding pictures from my photographers who were kind enough to release them to me a couple months early! Thanks Erin and Courtney!

So I thought I would showcase my dessert spread for one of the biggest days of my life. Enjoy!

I love how the whole table looks like one big dessert!

We had these guys on our table acting as our cake toppers, can you see the resemblance?

The cake was from Sweet Lady Jane, part of the inspiration for my blog's name, and was composed of chocolate cake layered with chocolate ganache and covered in marzipan (my fave!). It was beyond good and I was kinda disappointed my dress was so tight fitting because I probably would have had a lot more than I did.

The cupcakes are from Yummy Cupcakes of course. Super traditional white cake with white frosting, but also super delicious!

The macaroons we bought from Paulette's in Beverly Hills. They were good, not great, but I guess I have been ruined for life from totally enjoying any macaron that is not from Laduree (which is in Paris by the way) because they set an unattainable standard. However, they were perfect for the feel and colors of my wedding, and don't get me wrong they WERE good... considering I had 3 in addition to cake and cupcakes :)

Here we are cutting the cake!

Yum! Josh made me swear I would not shove it in his face, and I didn't... although I should have!

They typically say the bride doesn't get to eat at her wedding, but I really hate being typical. And with a name like Sweet Lady Sass, you know I got mine!

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