Sunday, January 3, 2010

Come and "See's" the Difference

"See's what difference you might ask? The difference between guessing what the tastiest chocolate is in a box of See's candy and knowing which one should be your absolute first snagging priority when the treasure chest of goodness is opened. Patience my children, every good secret is worth waiting for and before I reveal the Secret of Mrs. Mary See herself, I will share my road of discovery with you.

At first I was convinced that the Milk Chocolate Bordeaux was the best thing See's had to offer until my good friends Tina and Kevin enlightened me about what I had been missing out on for so many years.... the Butterscotch Square.

The first time I bit into one my knees wobbled in the way people say they do when you fall in love for the first time, which never happened to me but this chocolate sure did the trick! Do not be deceived by the name either, it really tastes nothing like butterscotch. It is more like a fine gritty brown sugar and butter combo center surrounded by smooth and sweet milk chocolate. The center is not as hard as carmel yet not as gooey as the cream centers, in other words it is just perfect!

And a word to the wise, there is only 1 Butterscotch Square in a standard 1 pound box of See's chocolates. So study its shape, color and texture so you can nab it out of the box before anyone gets a chance to catch a whiff of the chocolate. Or if you can't take the pressure, or have no self-control, just go into See's and buy a 1 pound box of all Butterscotch Squares for yourself.

And don't listen to Forrest Gump, you CAN know what chocolates come in a box, at least you can learn to recognize the best ones. Which, if his analogy still holds true, goes to show that even though life can be unpredictable you can come to know and taste that which will make your whole life sweet.

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