Sunday, December 20, 2009

Shall We Feast??!!! continued...

That's right, as promised by my post last month, I visited IHOP in order to try their new Holiday Pancakes. Accompanied by my best friend, who seems to be at my side for every bizarre and indulgent culinary adventure, we decided to take on the Gingerbread and Pecan Pie flavored pancakes.

If you recall from part 1 of this post, I mentioned that IHOP holds a dear place in my heart because of all the childhood and family memories I have created at the crossroads of international breakfast cuisine. Memories that are so strong that when their sweet aroma is laced with their pancakes my judgment is clouded and I am not able to tell how tasty their flapjacks actually are.

However, this past Saturday morning I came in with the intention to see through the fog of sentimentalized memories and really focus on the flavor of the food. The results aren't surprising... although the pancakes weren't amazing, they were still pretty good (can any pancakes be bad?), but what made the experience so worth it was going with my friend Allyse who is sweeter than any flavor of syrup IHOP has to offer (yes even Butter Rum). There is something about sharing mediocre pancakes flavored like Holiday cookies and pies with your best friend while wearing your best Holiday sweater that brings a huge smile to to your face, see for yourself!

And look... we didn't do too bad on the pancake either! Notice how I ate only the top of the gingerbread one since that was the only part that rubbed tummies with the whipped cream.

So call up your best friend and invite them to an IHOP date. You don't have to go crazy and get the Egg Nog pancakes (even we weren't bold enough to try those!) but you do need to be ok with so-so food, people over the age of 65 and some good quality time with the ones you love.

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  1. man that was a great morning. the only thing better than the pancakes was running around silver lake immediately afterward on an insane sugar high.

    i love you best friend