Friday, November 20, 2009

The Village People

I guess that is what you would call the staff of The Village Bakery on Los Feliz Blvd. in Atwater, which I, by chance
(dare I say fate?), happened to walk into today while my husband was at the doctor's office next door. And what an amazing Village it was! They make everything from freshly baked bread to sandwiches to cannoli!

I gave in to my senses and decided to try their almond bar (pictured on the far right of the front row), which I justified by the fact that I had been helping my friends move all morning and had burned probably thousands of calories :) It was absolutely delicious! It had a shortbread crust, a layer of an almond paste mixture with hints of honey and was covered with slivered almonds. I must admit I am a bit of an almond fanatic, however I think the appeal of this treat is universal; unless of course your allergic to nuts. But even if almonds aren't your thing, this bakery is full of plenty of other things sure to please. So put on your best cowboy or cop outfit and head into the Village for dessert, stay for lunch and take a fresh baguette home for dinner.

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  1. You seem to come across some "ono-licious" places! Wish I was there to try that "Village".. Maybe someday I'll have to suck it up and face the traffic up there...:-)