Friday, October 16, 2009

Hole-y Donut!

As a sweet-a-holic if there was one meal of the day I could eat over and over it would be breakfast. And if someone was holding a gun to my head and said I could only one thing for breakfast for the rest of my life it would, without a doubt, be donuts. Ok, ok enough hypotheticals.

Now nothing will ever dethrone my favorite donut of all time, the chocolate old fashion, but recently I have come across a certain type of donut that is biting at its heels. It's nothing new, just a rediscovery of an old classic and although small in stature it's not small in taste.... that's right my friends I am speaking of the donut hole. But not all donut holes are created equal. Here are two donut holes that are a "hole" lot better than the rest.

Our first suspect, the brioche donut holes (pictured above) at La Mill Coffee Boutique in Silver Lake. These delights are made from rich homemade brioche dough, fried and covered in powder sugar. These are a must if you visit La Mill for breakfast, who also roasts and brews my favorite coffee in LA. They come out hot and melt in your mouth upon consumption. Make sure you spend the extra 50 cents on the Madagascar vanilla dipping creme, it is a perfect cool companion for the warm treat.

Our second suspect is a little harder to obtain, but still a tale worth telling. While on my honeymoon in Hawaii my husband, who is originally from Oahu, said we had to go get Leonard's Malasadas. At first I was a little hesitant but once he told me they were Portugese fried donuts, I was in. 

Leonard's Malasadas are a little bigger than the Lamill donut holes and a lot less dense. In fact, they have the airy texture of a traditional donut; definitely delicious   and definitely worth trying if you are ever in Oahu, especially since they have been a Honolulu staple since 1952. But make sure you don't order the creme filled malasadas, it ruins the simplistically sinful taste of sweet fried dough.

So fill that hole in you stomach with some holes. I promise you will be left gasping hole-y donuts!

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