Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Coffee, that's FOR the birds

So if you are a regular reader (do I even have those?) you might be wondering why I am writing about coffee since my usual topics are devoted to any and everything sweet. Well I thought I could stretch this post into being topically relevant because frankly... my coffee always ends up being sweet when I am done with it!

Enough legitimizing and on to the post. Cafecito Organico = good coffee. This LA based independent organic coffee company was recently featured in the Food section of the LA Times, so when I ran across their stand at the Hollywood Farmers' Market I could not resist buying a bag of their Guatemala roast. Upon tasting it, (after the addition of vanilla soy milk and raw honey to make it pleasantly sweet) I was very pleased! Cafecito Organico definitely knows how to roast their coffee in a way that brings out the flavor of bean's origin and it is O-so-smooth :)

And get this all their coffees carry one or multiple of the following certifications "Fair Trade, Organic, Shade Grown, Bird Friendly (which mean the birds get free coffee since they are friends with the owners), Rainforest Alliance and Eco-Q. Please don't ask me what those all mean, that's what google is for. 

You can pick up your own bag of Cafecito Organico at the Hollywood or Silverlake Farmers' Market or online by clicking here. So be FOR the birds as well and pick up a bag, you won't be disappointed. 

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  1. You do indeed have at least one regular reader :)

    Hurray for Guatemalan coffee! It is indeed quite lovely.