Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Best Croissants In Town: Fillmore Bakeshop

Fillmore Bakeshop. Have you heard of it? Maybe, maybe not. Chances are probably not though, huh? Well now that you have heard the name, never forget it, because they have the best croissants in town. Yes, even better than Tartine's.

It's an unassuming little bakery on Fillmore St. in Pac Heights filled with very assuming delicious treats inside. 

It's the kind of bakery that feels neighborhoody and quirky when you walk in. One where you feel like you might be remembered by name if you stopped by weekly for a pain au chocolat or slice of princess cake. One that hangs kitschy Halloween decorations like this without worrying about damaging its uber-hip image because frankly, it doesn't need one with the pastries it turns out.

It's run by a father daughter duo, read more about their story here, who serve up everything from french macarons...

to danishes, morning buns, beautiful cakes and of course, the subject of my post, croissants.

The flakiest and tastiest croissants the city has to offer.They are light yet rich, and buttery without being greasy. Simply put, the perfect croissant. 

 While every type or croissant they offer is divine, my favorites are the almond and the ham and cheese. Today, Josh and I were feeling savory, so we went with the ham and cheese.

It was the perfect start to a great Sunday. Which you can read more about here.

So get your butt down to Fillmore Bakeshop so it can grow a little bigger:) It's worth it.

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