Saturday, September 17, 2011

The Sweatshirt And Jeans Recipe: Blueberry Biscuit Monkey Bread

David Lebovitz compared my last dessert to a "tailored Armani suit," as opposed to a "sweatshirt and jeans" type of dish. Well friends, this week it's time to pull out the ol' sweatshirt and jeans cause this recipe comes straight from Paula Deen straight to your thighs and mine. 

Some things you need to know about Paula Deen recipes if, for some reason, you are still alien to the empire she has created on the Food Network. 1. Her recipes are very southern (thus the use of buttermilk biscuits in this one) 2. There is bound to be an overabundance of butter in them 3. They are usually very easy, because who has time to slave over a meal when all 100 hundred of your extended family members are in the backyard waitin' for sum grub! 4. Because of the prior 3 points, they are always pretty dang delicious. 

This recipe is no exception to the rules; Blueberry Biscuit Monkey Bread is a rich, sweet, sticky hot mess of a breakfast dish that is sure to please you and your own until the last bite. Check out the recipe here. And if anything I wrote here has guilted you into not trying this recipe, just remember: you have to throw on the ol' sweatshirt and jeans every now and again :)

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  1. As a recipient of the Blueberry Biscuit Monkey Bread, both my mouth & my thighs say "Yes Please, I'll have sommore!"