Thursday, November 18, 2010

Danish Ice Cream Is Like Paradis!

Thanks to a suggestion from one of my readers, who in fact lives in Denmark, I made the journey out to Paradis Ice Cream in Montrose, CA, the only other location other than the shops in Denmark. Isn't that funny? Denmark and Montrose.

Regardless of it's perplexing location choice, which I really shouldn't bag on since Montrose is conveniently 10 minutes from my house, the ice cream is outstanding! It is sort of Gelato-esque. Very smooth and silky, with very little air churned into it unlike most american ice creams. It's like velvet on your tongue.

The flavors, outstanding! Pistachio was my favorite, with Nougat coming in a close second. Lactose-intolerant? No worries, their sorbets are just as amazing. 

All-in-all, Paradis is a must try and perhaps my new favorite ice cream in LA. So thanks for the suggestions Hanne! I plan on making Ris Ala Mande soon.


  1. Hey Alex, this is Rebecca Fan, we met at a gathering at Josh's parents' house. But there were a lot of people then, I probably should introduce myself as the lady who made your wedding rehearsal cake. :) Just heard from your parents-in-laws about how delicious the pie is! As a fellow foodie, I'd love to read more on your blog! btw, very NICE blog! :)

  2. Hey Rebecca! So sorry I didn't introduce myself, I always worry at big family and friends functions, what if I already met them at a previous thing and I am a jerk by asking their name again. Stupid, huh? Anyways, that cake was not only beautiful, it was so tasty! You are so talented! I am not so good at the decorating part of things, but I sure do love creating. However, I didn't make the Pie at thanksgiving, my Mom did. She is a pie master! The pie on my blog I made as a pre-Thanksgiving indulgence. Regardless I love to blog and I am glad you enjoy it :)