Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Cookie Burgers

Have I ever mentioned that chocolate chip cookies are my favorite food in the entire world! I probably have, but it never hurts to make that known, you know in case you need to get on my good side.

Let's get this straight, nothing beats a chocolate chip cookie by itself, but I have tried quite a few chocolate chip cookie amplifications that have been truly delish. Examples:

BJ's Pizookie

Let's face it, this is the reason I go to BJ's! An Alex size chocolate chip cookie served warm with vanilla bean ice cream, drool.
Cookie Cakes

 You know, like the ones you get at Albertson's covered in bright artificial frosting when you are really depressed, and even more depressed after you have eaten 3/4 of it. But who can blame you, it's so good.

Lastly, and currently my favorite chocolate chip cookie elaboration... cookie burgers! You couldn't dream of a better pairing! Don't worry there's no meat involved, they just resemble burgers since cookies act as the bun and frosting acts as the meat. I prefer my burgers plain, so I left them as is, but the options for sweet condiments are endless. And just like you really can't beat an In-n-out burger, you really can't beat a cookie burger. Just picture it, two of the tastiest chocolate chip cookies ever smothering a thick layer of dark chocolate canned frosting (you know you love that stuff!). Please, watch your keyboard! It's not drool proof! Go ahead and make them already!

Chocolate Chip Cookie Burger Recipe

Look at all those cookies! I catered a dinner for over 30 people so I had to make a double recipe. I made over 100 cookies! So worth it though :)


1. Make your favorite cookie dough, or buy pre-made dough from the store if you're feeling lazy.

5. Drop the dough onto a lined baking sheet a little less than a tablespoon at a time and bake according to the recipe.
6. Cool the cookies completely and then spread a thin but significant layer of frosting (I choose dark chocolate, and it was amazing!) between 2 cookies until you run out of cookies. You may also choose to add other sweet things as condiments like sprinkles, peanut butter, M&M's, etc. It all depends how deep your sweet tooth is rooted.

7. Smile, because now you get to eat them! and share them of course, right?

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  1. These are some of my favorite "cookie burgers". I've only made them once or twice, because they're so sinful!