Monday, May 3, 2010

Move Over Alcove, Larchmont Bungalow is... Well... Way Better!

"Let's go to Alcove." Those words fill my heart with fear. The idea of waiting in a long line and fighting for a table just to consume slightly above average food is not my idea of a pleasant eating experience. Don't get me wrong, their baked goods are quite enjoyable, however the anxiety that leads up to the point where the cake hits my teeth is not. But if not Alcove, where can I find a cute cafe/bakery slightly resembling a cottage to have lunch on a Sunday afternoon or coffee and dessert with my BFF? Solution: Larchmont Bungalow.

Thanks to my amazing friend Allyse (above), I happened upon Larchmont Bungalow as she graciously treated me to half of her Group-On credit for the place. Located on the eclectic and cute stretch of Larchmont Blvd., this cafe serves up great food and dessert while maintaing a low stress factor. 

You want tea? They have tons of options to choose from. You want coffee? They have a full coffee bar including their in-house roasted coffee that is all organic and earth friendly. In the mood for breakfast? 

How bout some red-velvet pancakes (thats right, I said red velvet) or your choice of 6 eggs benedict options. More of a lunch and dinner person? Try a salad with fried calamari, plantains and pistachios (I had this, it was amazing!) or go big with a filet mignon or a whole Maine lobster!

Whatever you do, save room for dessert! There are so many mouthwatering yummies to chose from! Allyse and I had the pleasure of trying their chocolate chip bread pudding, and boy was it good. They serve it warm with a generous helping of fresh whipped cream which melts nicely on top of a rich chocolicious bite of the rustic looking treat. We also tried a chocolate chip moon pie, which was also really good, but a definite 2nd place to the bread pudding.

So please go! Try the humongous cupcakes, the rocky road brownies a slice of one of their huge chocolate cakes and let me know what's good! And who knows, it could become your new "go to"... sorry Alcove.

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