Friday, April 23, 2010

Just Popping Up: Cake Monkey

I loveeeee Cake Monkey! If I had piece of cake for everytime my friend Allyse said this I would be about 400 lbs. Before today, Cake Monkey was a bakery that only did catering and custom orders for individuals and businesses.  So naturally, when I heard they were opening up there first store in Silverlake on Friday, the same day I meet my friend Mercedes for coffee in Silverlake, I deemed it a sign that I had to stop by and try their treats for myself.

I took a lot of pictures this time, so I will let them do the talking.

It may look ghetto, but that's only because they opened before they renovated the space. Therefore, they are only open on the weekends until they are able to do so.

Their infamous Red Velvet and Peanut Butter Marshmallow Cake Witches. 

Yo-Hos. Kinda like a gourmet Ho-Ho.

Inside-out S'mores. More on them later.

They also sell cute housewares, like these pillows.

Or these gnome statues.

Ok, all very cute right. But when it comes down to it, it's all about the taste. So here we go!

The best thing I had, the Inside-out S'more, hands down. You can really tell that a bakery uses quality ingredients by the way their chocolate tastes. And this was some high quality dark ganache sandwiched between two homemade graham crackers and topped with a toasted marshmallow. I literally had to stop walking, it paralyzed me.

Next I tried a Brown Sugar Pop Pie, a take off of Pop Tarts. It was also great! The outside tasted like a flaky, buttery tart dough and the filling was eerily similar to Brown Sugar Pop Tart, one of my favorite guilty snacks.

My friend Mercedes got the 'Nuff Said Cookie, and I'm sure she is so happy I am posting a picture of her eating it. Since she is a loving friend, she let me have a bite. It was really fantastic, especially if you are the type of person who loves rocky road. It was a chocolate cookie with dark chocolate, pecans, house made marshmallow, caramel and fluer de sul, phew!

And finally, because I am such a loving wife, I brought my husband home a Li'l Merri's, which is a play off of a Little Debbies Oatmeal Pie, except way better! This version is made of two thin but chewy oatmeal cookies and is filled with a maple vanilla buttercream. It really put Little Debbie to shame. 

So all-in-all, I loveeeee Cake Monkey. Allyse you were right. And now I if I eat my words as well I might hit 800 lbs.

Please, go. You will be doing yourself a great service. But make note the hours, for now, are Fri: 12-6pm, Sat. 10-7pm and Sun. 10-6pm.

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