Thursday, April 1, 2010

Chillin' With Ma' Peeps

I'm sorry, I couldn't resist! This picture is too dang hilarious, plus I love overly used corny jokes almost as much as I love Peeps! I used to prefer them microwaved, slightly burned and crispy but that all changed when I had this little revelation... Milk Chocolate and Pink Sea Salt Peeps. And just in time for Easter too!

These lil' fellas are super easy to make and really cute; certain to sass up any Easter spread. And for the same reason that chocolate covered pretzels are delicious, theses sweet and salty bunnies are even better because your guests will never expect that extra layer of sophisticated saltiness! Of course you can also omit the sea salt for the young ones with simpler palates.

So take a chance and chill with ma' Peeps

Milk Chocolate and Pink Sea Salt Peeps
  • Box of Bunny Peeps, 16 count
  • 10 oz Milk Chocolate Chopped
  • Course Pink Sea Salt
  • Easter Sprinkles
1. Prepare a baking sheet by covering it in wax/parchment paper.

2. Melt 8 oz of the chocolate over a double boiler. Once fully melted, take the bowl off the heat and mix in the remaining 2 oz of chocolate until fully melted. This tempers the chocolate and allows for a hard shiny shell upon setting. Pour the melted chocolate into a narrow  glass.

3. Poke tooth picks into the bottom of each Peep so that it nearly goes to the top. Dip each Peep by the tooth pick into the chocolate until fully covered, let the excess chocolate drip off and then set it on the prepared baking sheet. Once all the Peeps have been dipped, sprinkle the top semi-generously with the pink sea salt. Transfer the baking sheet to the refrigerator to set the chocolate for about 15 min.

4. (This step is optional) Once the chocolate has fully hardened, drizzle the leftover chocolate in a zig-zag pattern across the Peeps and sprinkle with pastel colored sprinkles. Return to the fridge to harden and store them there until its time to serve them.

Mmmm... chocolate salty mallowy goodness

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