Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Re-finding Foster's

I was reunited with an old friend last week. A friend that I never had a falling out with, one that never moved away and one that never really changed. Really, our lost friendship was my own fault. I started to make up excuses about why I couldn't see him anymore, legitimizing in my head that it would be unhealthy to see him again at my age. However, I think the heart of the matter was that I became kind of a snob and forgot to appreciate the good and simple things of my childhood.

So Fosters Freeze, if you are reading this, I am really really sorry for forsaking our friendship these past 12 years and I really am glad we got to hang out the other night. I hope it is the beginning  of a renewed relationship.

Also, I just wanted to say your soft-serve vanilla cone hand dipped in chocolate has not changed one bit; it always was the pillar of our relationship. The first bite is always the best as I break into the unadulterated shell to reveal the pure soft white vanilla ice cream that hides underneath. But the last bite is a close second when I get to devour the crunchy bottom of the cone whose crevices have been filled with delicious pockets of soft-serve. I really did miss them almost as much as I missed you.

Makes me wonder why I strayed away from our friendship for so long. Sure there were other more "sophisticated" desserts in your absence, but that's only because I was foolish, because I took what pleased me as a child to be foolish and outdated and not worth the calories. But I was wrong! Oh so wrong! You are great, amazing, irreplaceable! I hope you can accept my apology. I am looking forward to rekindling the flame and being a better friend. Just as long as you keep those dipped cones coming.

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