Thursday, October 29, 2009

The World Series of Cupcakes

If you live in Los Angeles you have either directly or indirectly experienced that cupcakes are in vogue. I mean if cupcakes were actually a trend in vogue magazines I would liken them to skinny leg pants, ie they were mildly fashionable back in the day (ie Audrey Hepburn in Funny Face) but as of late their popularity has exploded and persisted for about 5 years, and we are left wondering when will their popularity fade?

But hey, I love cupcakes and baseball, which is what this post is really about. You gotta love mounds of buttercream frosting piled on top of a single serving of moist cake. And I am here to inform you, yes inform you, of the best cupcake in LA to end your countless hours and calories of searching. And now, in honor of the world series, I will announce the World Champs of Cupcakes. Drum roll please.....and the winner is: Yummy Cupcakes! I have tried everything from Sprinkles to Auntie Em's Kitchen's red velvet (which has been featured on food network) and nothing even comes close to yummy cupcakes. The cakes is moist, the frosting is rich and has a certain firm yet smooth texture that makes it unforgettable and puts it head and shoulders above the rest. Not to mention their genius line-up of all-star hitters including Brown Sugar Cinnamon, Fudge Yummy and my favorite Happy Day (pictured above) which is the Derek Jeter of cupcakes with its classic white cake/vanilla frosting combo and it's satisfying clutch flavor that will always leave you smiling.

So if your looking for a grand slam, go to yummy cupcakes. I promise they are not as corny as I am.


  1. Sounds great. . .however you still have to give the Cupkate Truck a try in Berkeley, had her pupmkin cupcake with maple buttercream frosting - home run for sure! :)

  2. That is true, I will have to try the cupcake truck. However, they are SF based and are unfortunately out of the running for the LA World Series of Cupcakes. But maybe when I'm back up in SF we can have a The Bay World Series of Cupcakes. Yes I like it!